5 Benefits of a Fitness Retreat

5 Benefits of a Fitness Retreat

Everyone feels the need for a little rest and recuperation every once in awhile. That is why we book a our annual holidays and jet off to sunnier climes for 2 weeks of the year. Generally we soak ourselves in sangria and overeat which sometimes is just what we need to distract us from our daily routines. However, there is another way to take a break from it all, escape the mundane schedule and responsibilities of everyday life while also considering our health and fitness goals, without necessarily having a blow out!

Fitness retreats are very popular way to do this and here are 5 reason why!


Personal trainers at fitness retreats are there onsite to make sure that you get the individual attention that you require. They are on hand to answer any questions and can provide group and personal training sessions at various stages during the day. They can also give you that nudge to turn up to them too, there will be time for the pool later!


The value of a support system should not be underestimated. That is why most fitness retreats are run for groups. You are not alone, so the idea is that you will have a group of like minded teammates to cheer and push you on. There is camaraderie to be found in group fitness sessions, social relationships with like-minded people supporting each other can be very rewarding.


So, instead of demolishing that Paella or Shish Kebab (both can be a healthy option in moderation), instead, how about having your very own resident Chef who’s soul job is to cook deliciously fresh food for you daily? Fitness retreats employ talented Chef’s to make sure that your meals are tailored to the type or training that you are doing while meeting calorie targets and optimal macro splits. Not only is the food tasty, you can knowingly eat it guilt free and still have that sangria or beer by the pool!


Most fitness retreats operate in sunnier climes than what we are used to in the UK. This means that they can almost guarantee warmer temperatures and a rain free holiday. It’s not all about the fitness training either. You will have time to appreciate your surroundings and get to explore the locality as outdoor pursuits are also on offer from boat trips, kayaking and other excursions and activities. Fitness retreats operate all year round, however in hotter climates, it is better to go during the spring or autumn months.


When was the last time you could say to your friends that you went on a fitness retreat as a holiday? How many of your friends could say the same? The goal of a fitness retreat is also to educate and promote good habits. After your time there, not only will you feel rejuvenated and refreshed having undergone a bit of a brain reboot, you should feel more knowledgeable. You will be armed with information to confidently carry on with your health and fitness journey, hopefully with fond memories of your time away and the new friends that you will have made. If that’s not an accomplishment to write home about on a postcards, I don’t know what is?!

So there you have it, just 5 reasons on why taking your training outside of your local environment can work wonders for the body and mind!

Evolve Fitness are excited to be able to offer our very own fitness retreat package at a private villa located in Portuga. Our next available package will be announced soon for October 2018 where temperatures will be rocking at around a perfect 21 degrees Celsius! Places are limited and fill up quickly, but if you are interested in coming with us or would just like to register your interest for future retreats, just click the link below where you will find more information!


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