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This is what we do...

E-Volve Fitness based in Cardiff, is Wales’ number one fitness facility for Ankorr and Group Personal Training.

We run 3 progressive levels of programmes designed to train and arm you with the knowledge to attain and maintain real results. 

We train in close groups made up of amazing people who are all on the same fitness path. By adding a layer of accountability through our online support group and a member’s website with access to nutritional guides and meal plans, our proven methods produce successful results again and again.

This is what you do...

Pick a programme

  • Base Camp
  • The Bridge
  • The Summit

Turn up and train

Our programmes run at set times 2-3 days during the week day with an optional boot camp on Saturday mornings.

Follow your meal plan

At the beginning of each programme we take your body stats and put you on a meal plan.

Sleep and E-Volve

Stick to a sleep schedule of the same bedtime and aim to get 7-8 hours sleep every night. Result!


3 progressive stages...



Our Base Camp package offers beginners a start to their health and fitness journey. You will be put on a fat loss programme concentrating on movement, mobility and given a nutritional advice.

Your body stats will be taken during your initial consultation after which we will provide you with a starter pack which includes a training log so that you can record and monitor your progress.

The programme runs 2 classes a week with a Boot Camp workout session on Saturdays and is perfect for people seeking initial weight loss, health and nutrition theory or coming back to exercise after a break.

You also gain access to our members area.



The Bridge is our transitional stage concentrating on improving conditioning, shredding fat and building strength through body weight exercises…under load in a resistance harness!

Consisting of 3 ANKORR sessions a week within a group environment plus Boot Camp on Saturdays, we carry out body statistic analysis measuring your body fat and hydration levels. The results enable us to tailor nutritional advice to compliment your goals.

We also advise on supplements that can be taken to help get the most out of your programme. Equally you will get constant support and help from our trainers and group members; trust us when we say that you will need the encouragement and camaraderie!

The Bridge qualifies you for access into out Ankorr Facebook support group.



The Summit is our advanced Group PT package aimed at people looking to get stronger. This is not body building, this package concentrates on combination weight training, conditioning and cardio designed to push you to your limits to achieve that body you have always dreamt of.

With no more than 6 people in a group, we provide the accountability you will need to ensure that you stick to your goals. Body stats are tracked, you will be given a training log to track your progress, a nutritional advice to follow and full access to our members area.

Training sessions are 3 times a week with access to Bootcamp at the weekend.

The Summit is the most effective package we offer to shred fat while building strength.


Here's what they say...


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Frequently Asked Questions

The programmes are each one month long where you pay up front for each month. There is no contract so you can stop coming whenever you would like. However, we would recommend at least 2-3 months on the Base Camp and Summit packages. The programmes have been designed to teach you tried and tested principles that will help you get results, but also attain a level of knowledge that will enable you to continue getting results and maintain them in the future.

Yes. Training and nutritional principles are not gender specific. Men are able to build more muscle than women due to their naturally higher testosterone levels. The programmes will educate you on how to tailor your diet regardless of your gender. The training principles in the programme apply to both males and females.

Absolutely not. The programme provide a fun way of deal with on nutrition based on a nutrition plan and guidelines that we give you. There are plenty of tasty recipes included, which have been designed to provide your body with great nutrition.

Counting calories and macronutrients is optional. It helps to use My Fitness Pal in the beginning weeks to get a feel for how food affects your daily calorie intake and macros. In the members area we have included training on visual portion size guidance so that you don’t have to count calories if you don’t want to. We have also included training on setting up calorie and macronutrient targets for those who want to dial their nutrition in to a finer level of detail.

Yes. There are also home workouts in the members area for those times when it’s not possible to get to the gym.

You will need to come to every session in order to see optimal results. Basically, that’s 3-4 times a week. If possible we can change your time slot during the day, but any classes you do miss, you forfeit.

You don’t have to take any supplements although if you want to get the optimal results, we recommend a few basic scientifically backed supplements.

We understand that on-going support is important, in fact it is integral to our successful training methods. Accountability is key to success. That’s why we have a dedicated Facebook groups and email support to make sure that any questions can be answered as well as for moral support.

That’s understandable – click any Contact Us button on this page to get in touch and we can talk through any concerns that you may have.



We are located in St Catherine’s Park industrial estate behind Boulders:

Unit L
St Catherine’s Park
Pengam Rd
CF24 2RZ

07909 337642